File Name  Modified 
2020-10 No Potpourri Notices10/12/2020
2020-09 DOR Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Potpourri.pdf9/14/2020
2020-08 DEQ Legal Affairs and Criminal Investigations Division Potpourri.pdf8/11/2020
2020-07 DAF Office of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Potpourri.pdf7/15/2020
2020-07 DOR Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Potpourri.pdf7/15/2020
2020-07 GOV Division of Administration Potpourri.pdf7/15/2020
2020-06 No Potpourri Notices6/10/2020
2020-05 No Potpourri Notices5/8/2020
2020-04 No Potpourri Notices4/13/2020
2020-03 DOH Board of Pharmacy Potpourri.pdf3/10/2020
2020-03 DOH Louisiana Emergency Response Network Board Potpourri.pdf3/10/2020
2020-03 DWF Wildlife & Fisheries Commission Potpourri.pdf3/10/2020
2020-02 No Potpourri Notices2/11/2020